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3 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Big Data

Following Brandon’s recent post about Microsoft’s Cloud storage facility, “Microsoft Azure,”now seems the perfect time to write a post about how nonprofits can harness the value of big data. Still a buzzword across most industries; what does big data mean for your nonprofit? In this post we’ll look at three ways in which nonprofits can leverage big data for positive outcomes.

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Big Data

Cultural shift

A big challenge faced by many organizations is getting people on board with social change. Building a case and going in armed with the facts will help you face this challenge head on. Your colleagues may only just be coming around to digital marketing and social media. Find out which of your marketing efforts are giving the best results, what your key findings are and how they impact your mission, and you can build the case for big data adoption. Start at the top – once senior management is behind you, it will be easier to convince others across your organization.

Increased donations

Data can be used to learn valuable behaviours and insights about your donor network, which can lead you to valuable donors and their profiles. Armed with demographic and behavioural data, you can communicate more effectively with your donors, tailoring messaging according to their wants and needs. This can help streamline fundraising efforts and nurture key relationships, ensuring your donors stay engaged with your mission and become repeat donors.

Access to new networks

As well as increasing donations from your existing network, big data can help your nonprofit plan ahead and future-proof. By delving into economic trends and fluctuations you may be able to predict where and how people are spending their donor dollars, allowing you to market to new networks and allocate budgets accordingly. Using the same demographic and behavioural data as with current donors, you can create valuable personas to further segment your marketing efforts, ensuring your time and money is well-spent.

How does your nonprofit use big data? What are the most valuable insights you’ve gained and how have they helped guide your mission forward?

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