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Impact on Investment

How do you view the cost of managing your operations? Is it in terms of money, or do you consider the precious time, energy, and resources that could otherwise be spent improving the world in which we live?

At Serenic Software, we understand the unique challenges nonprofit and public sector organizations face and help you increase your impact on the world around you. We hold ourselves accountable to more than just you, we hold ourselves accountable to all those who benefit from what you do.

Serenic brings to you the stability and scalability of Microsoft technology, resulting in software that helps you increase your impact on the world around you. So whether your mission is delivering services to the underserved, advancing the cultural arts, or expanding a foundation, Serenic® Navigator will help you make the most of each dollar, each donor, and each day.

Serenic gives you the tools you need to support strategies and eliminate pain points, such as:

  • Grant restrictions and requirements – we provide compliance and the reporting needed to secure future funding.
  • Overspending on projects or programs – we offer budget controls and visibility into activities that matter to your organization using your business rules.
  • Painful or failed audit – we deliver accurate reporting, and track multiple funds with true transactions providing a smooth audit, all produced in one solution.
  • Current accounting software is no longer supported or a good fit – we have our Microsoft partnership providing a secure long-term investment, and offer different levels of functionality and platforms, so organizations can grow without worrying about losing historical data, re-implementing, or learning a new system.
  • IT staff has been reduced – we are on the Microsoft cloud so a lack of IT structure won’t leave organizations vulnerable and data in jeopardy.
  • Staff needing constant information and assistance – tired of being bombarded by people outside of accounting requesting information? We provide access so they can view the data most important to them, like their budget to actual, enter time and expense data, review and approve transactions, or run reports specific to their activities.
  • Spending hours every month allocating transactions – our batch allocation feature allows you to automatically allocate your payroll, rent, utilities, or any other allocation that you might be managing in spreadsheets today. Tasks that would take our clients hours are now done with the click of the mouse.
  • Spending time every month reviewing and correcting transactions – we offer document or transactional approvals, budget control, data entry validation, and user access security rules that you define to ensure that the data goes into the system right the first time.

Between basic and end-to-end functionality,

Serenic Navigator Essentials is an expert, right-fit solution that offers:

  • A full suite of operational software designed specifically to meet a nonprofits’ unique budget, fundraising, donor, and grant management processes.
  • Reliable, proven performance that will free you and your team to focus on accomplishing your goals and completing critical milestones.
  • Complete integration that will provide budgeting and expenditure transparency and accountability required to manage awarded funding and programs.
  • Compatibility with your business processes across departments and funding organizations.